Missing Data?

Students everywhere are either returning to school part-time or full-time in the coming weeks. There have been many districts that spent the fall and winter in remote learning and more districts that were in a hybrid attendance model where students were in-person about half the time. The other days were spent in remote learning activities. […]

Unconditional Education: Implementation in a Virtual Setting

This post is by guest blogger Robin Detterman. Robin is the Executive Director of School Partnerships with the Seneca Family of Agencies, located in Oakland, CA. Since the start of March our lives have changed dramatically. We’ve shifted our daily routines, the ways in which we interact and connect with others, and how we are able […]

MTSS By Yourself…Because of COVID

Starting, Starting Over, or Revising MTSS School closure and now a fluid environment has resulted in many educators feeling challenged to meet the learning needs of students while keeping schools open (Fernando & Schleicher, 2020). However, as students attend part-time, full-time, or continue with remote instruction, it is logical to predict that losses in learning […]

Goal Setting in a Hybrid Attendance Model

This week, a question was raised regarding progress monitoring and goal setting. The context here is that the school is using a hybrid attendance model where students attend two to three days per week. Typical COVID precautions such as distancing, masks, and limited movement through the school are also in use. Considering the current situation, […]

Stats Beyond Excel

I have a position where I have access to a fairly enormous amount of data. We have formal data such as screening, state tests, and monitoring not to mention we also have other sources such as attendance and grades. In K-12 systems, there is no shortage of data. And most schools and systems look at […]